6 Ways To Win With Online Sweepstakes! Nov23


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6 Ways To Win With Online Sweepstakes!

1. Use a unique Email account

You will be getting a ton of emails, some which will be spam.  Use a separate account so you can take your time to go through each email without mixing them up with an important email from your friends or worse, your job.

2. Use a Sweepstakes Aggregator.

These are major timesavers.  They allow you to do a little bit each day by gathering sweepstakes in one spot every day.  Two great places to start are: www.prizey.net and www.winprizesonline.com  They let you choose sweeps that can be entered daily, weekly and one time entries.

3. Pay Attention to the Odds

If time is an issue, and it usually is, then select the contests that have the best odds of you winning.  Contests that offer multiple prizes usually have better odds.  Also contests that are about to expire or that have age restrictions should be entered before others.

4. Go Where Only Few Go

Most sweepstakes that ask for a little more than the others will have less entrants.  If a contest asked for an essay or pictures there will be a significantly smaller amount of entries then sweepstakes that just aske for your name and address.  Do the extra, it will dramatically increase your odds.

5. Auto-fill is the Shiz-nit

Use an auto fill program like roboform and lastpass.com.  They will automatically fill in your address and phone number.  It might not seem necessary at first but overtime it can save you hours.

6. Claim Your Prize!

Don’t forget to check all of your emails set your voicemail up on your phone and check your mail.  There is nothing worse than winning and not claiming your prize.


If you’ve won something online before, please comment below!